Where have you been?

Well after yet another disappearance from WordPress, i’m back well almost, got some work to do to rectify the changes, but i’m fresh with ideas & have been busy, so lots to tell..

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San Francisco transforms into Gotham City for 5-year-old ‘Batkid’ with cancer

I would have been there for sure!

#MakeAWish #SFBatKid #Amazing

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Serco25 – News – An incredible journey in sub-zero conditions

Serco25 – News – An incredible journey in sub-zero conditions.

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Ezza V Kilimanjaro

Aaron landed in Nairobi on Sunday with the group for Wednesday’s adventure.

After raising the funds needed for the Serco Foundation “Every Child Every Where” charity, he could now do with an encouraged voice and a few words in a tweet of wisdom to fulfil the goal.

He is now full swing into his climb on the mountain and you can track his coverage and give him the support he needs via Twitter: @aaronvskili Continue reading

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How flexible is your smartphone?

The Smartphone, the Smartwatch, Google Glass and now the rumoured announcement next month of LG’s Bendy Screen Display.

This surely is going to innovate the way we use smart screen display’s without a doubt, how durable and functional it will be are left to be answered, yet i’m sure with this new wave of diverse screen technology it is going to be flexible for the mind to ponder and give more scope for wearable tech than just resting on our ears and noses or on the end of our wrist.

For now I lean towards strapping the screen to the arm whilst out jogging or attaching the screen to different circular shapes like the handlebars of a bike, I look forward to seeing where the possibilities could take us or weather LG are investing in a potential waste of money and forward thinking.


Source: Endgadget

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Retailer Apologizes for Forcing Job Applicants to Dance to Daft Punk


When Alan Bacon learned he had a job interview with a franchise of Currys, he didn’t think publicly jamming to Daft Punk would be a required skill. He was wrong.

The UK electronics retailer is apologizing after one of its stores apparently broke job applicants up into teams and had them to engage in a dance off as part of a team building exercise.  “I think everyone initially thought it was a joke,” Bacon, who was not ultimately offered a job, told the BBC, “but they were serious.”

And while the activity might have been meant to build group unity, it appears the task was more successful at humiliating applicants who had spent the week preparing themselves for a serious interview.  “I just felt so embarrassed and uncomfortable” said Bacon.  “I ended up dancing to ‘Around the World’ by Daft Punk, doing rubbish robotics in my suit in…

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007 ‘Submarine Car’ Sells for $865,000

One of my all time favourite James Bond Cars or could admit movie cars of all time.

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Ezza V’s Kilimanjaro “Target Money Raised” Thank you!

Aaron’s friends and co-workers have helped him raise the £3000 Target money needed to complete this amazing feat, now the real challenge is upon him to complete the mission, to climb Mount Kilimanjaro!

On October 16th 2013, you can track Aaron’s progress on Twitter: @aaronvskili


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Prizing my boney fingers off the Lumix G Series

Well you wonder what i’ve been up to and I can tell you busy as ever. I had my hands on all sorts of gadgets recently and I will pick up the blog with some of the items I have had the pleasure of having some experimental play with.

Starting with the Lumix DMC – G5 k for a day at Panasonic House,  I was fortunate enough to test drive the camera, have a little play, but unfortunately give it back.


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If Batman was in Formula 1

This caught the lazy eye the other day and with not enough time in my schedule to post the link here it is today in case anyone may have missed this awesome concept.

Presented on NerdApproved.com here is how a Formula 1 car could be envisaged by the creators of the ‘Tumbler’.


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